It’s Not About Me

“Just back away slowly and no one will get hurt.” 


That seemed to be what my body language was saying as I slowly took a step back from a friend I’d run into as I was getting a cup of coffee at the local convenience store.  It’s not that I’m unfriendly.  It’s just that I was dressed in very short workout shorts that seemed like a good idea for the Y in the town where the only people I know are my lady friends at my water aerobics class.  In the town where I grew up they seemed more than a tad too short.  I was sans makeup and my hair was doing it’s own thing as I’d driven the convertible that morning.

Then I suddenly realized…it’s not about me.  

I asked myself how I would be behaving if I had on a nice outfit, makeup and hair styled.  Then I took a breath, took a step back towards the friend I hadn’t seen in ages and said, “So what are you up to now?”  We chatted back and forth in a friendly and happy matter until we parted ways.

Wow…confidence isn’t exactly about me.  It’s about getting my mind off me to the other.

“Just come forward slowly and no one will get hurt.”  You might be surprised how confident you feel.

Live Your Lemonade Life,


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Just Living Your Life


So I’m in the grocery store with my husband and my youngest son.  My husband is looking everything over, taking his time and I’m impatient wanting to get this food shopping over with.  I mean it’s not like we’re buying clothes or books or something fun.

I say to my son, “I think Dad like’s grocery shopping more than I do.”

“Don’t you like it?” he asks, a little surprised.

“No, I don’t.  I just want to get it over with.”

“You just need to change your attitude.  You should enjoy whatever you’re doing...because whatever doing you’re just living your life.”

Oh.  yeah.  My life.  I am just living my life.  Hmmm.  Grocery shopping is a necessary part of it.  Wouldn’t it be better if I enjoyed it since I have to do it anyway?

Fast forward.  Two weeks later.  I am at the grocery store with my husband and my oldest son this time.  I tell my son the grocery store philosophy of his little brother.  I tell him I’m going to have fun.  I tell him about a woman riding the cart out as her husband pushed her to the car.  I mess around in the aisles.

It’s still just food shopping but it’s pleasantly fun this time.

I think everything you read is stored somewhere inside your amazing brain.  As I write this I am reminded of reading Alexandra Stoddard when she said, “I don’t want to go anywhere; I don’t want to leave anybody behind.  Happiness is right here, right now, in this world, in this room.  I am happiest wherever it is that I am.”

So my new policy is that whatever I’m doing, I’m just living my life…and it’s up to me if it’s going to be a pleasant and fun life.

I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whomever I’m with. 

I’m human so I’m not going to nail this every time.  But this is my goal to strive towards.  Let’s try to not skip over parts of life that we don’t enjoy.  Let’s search for something in that moment to make it better.

Live Your Lemonade Life,


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Something Beautiful Every Day: Pink

ObjectIt makes me happy that someone would have PINK RIMS!

objectMy grandma’s old porch rocker.  Underneath the pink are layers of shades of green and a red even my mom doesn’t remember.pinkhairMy daughter and I bought pink wigs at Otakon 2015 and had a lot of fun with it!  I felt shy about posting this photo but I ended up deciding to use it because my daughter was excited for both of us to buy wigs and wear them AND she commented on how not many moms my age would be having fun with this and she liked that I would enjoy this with her.

My mom feels young at heart even though she is 86.  I feel young at heart no matter how the years pile on.  The truth is that age doesn’t matter.  It’s how you feel inside that matters.  And those of us who like to have fun  shouldn’t feel shy about showing who we are.  So wear your big hair, pink wigs, vintage clothes or whatever it is that makes you beam inside.

 Be Bold.  Be You.  Be Happy.

Live your Lemonade Life,


P.S.  I could not stop playing with my hair!

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STOP Procrastinating



I’m making peace with the fact that my life is likely to never settle down.  My best friend at church will say on Sunday, “So where are you going this week?”  Between my husband, my kids and my mom, I seem to always be in the car going somewhere.  And if I’m at home, I’m trying to keep up with the cooking, dishes and laundry.

I bet my life is a lot like yours.  Sometimes I wonder where does a creative life fit into all of this? Do you wonder the same thing, too?  It seems like I’m always procrastinating when it comes to creative endeavors.

“If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.” ~ Ecclesiastes 11:4  Living Bible (TLB)

The KIng James Version says it like this, ““He that observeth the wind shall not sow, and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.”

I realize God has a plan for my life and I believe that plan includes writing in some form.  Even during the weeks that the cat has to go to the vet for a teeth cleaning and we have company staying at the house and my extended family is coming for Sunday Dinner.

But in the midst of the chaos, I realize one saving thought.  If I want to have a good life then I need to obey.  In fact, I am free to obey.  All the demands and fun things and crazy things have to be set aside for time for writing…for this creative life to unfold.

I admire all those bloggers and artists and writers who continue creating during family illness, moves and huge life changes.  My hat is off to you.  I want to be like you when I grow up into my adult creative self.

When my kids were little there was never enough time.  I wished for a freeze button that I could push and freeze everyone in time while I cleaned up the house and fully prepared for the next activity.  Then I would unfreeze everyone and we would have fun until I needed that shot of cold air and extra time again.

But there is no freeze button.  So until it’s invented, I plan to stand up and fight procrastination…beginning with this post.  I’m setting myself a small goal of two posts a month. Why two posts?  Because tiny goals are manageable and encouraging and GET YOU GOING!

Live Your Lemonade Life!


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Sharing Bits and Pieces: Part Two

What if you love fashion but you’d rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it?


Won’t that be a problem if you want to have a personal style blog?

The answer is…not really.  The first blogger who comes to my mind is Beautifully Invisible.  She doesn’t post as much as she has in the past, but she was one of the first personal style bloggers I followed.  Her guide to moving your blog from Blogspot to a self-hosted WordPress site was invaluable as were her discourses on fashion and beauty.

Somdyuti D. Ray of Stilettosaurus shared an insightful article regarding her choice to blog about fashion without being a personal style blogger.  She said, ” We have so many niche bloggers who are far more interested in speaking fashion than posing in front of the camera.”

If you choose to go this route how do you begin?  First things first.  Figure out your niche.  Here are some ideas to get you started.


  1.  Write about vintage clothing.  There’s a plethora of article ideas in this one category alone:  How to date clothes by their tags, features about past designers and styles, caring for your vintage items, etc.
  2. Cover a certain era, say the bohemian seventies or the mod sixties.
  3.  Examine and post photos of a fashion genre such as rockabilly or kawaii.
  4. Perhaps you could start a street style blog in your hometown and put other fashionable or quirky people in front of your camera.
  5. Provide thought-provoking articles about the current fashion scene complete with photos.
  6. Start a personal style blog but only photograph your outfits from the neck down.  Patti of Not Dead Yet Style began her blog this way.  This will also build up your confidence about being in front of the camera.
  7. Blog anonymously.  Feel free to put your true feelings and images out there.

The important thing is putting your personal spin on the content.  There are innumerable photos of fashion on the web.  What will draw people to your site is your take on things.

The world is waiting to hear your voice.  You don’t even have to show your face.

Live your Lemonade Life,


I Love My Lemonade Life!

When you comment, please feel free to share links to some of your favorite fashion and personal style bloggers who don’t do personal head to toe outfit shots.  Thank you.

You can read Sharing Bits and Pieces, Part One  here.

Link Love:  Visible Monday.

Copyright 2015.  All Rights Reserved.  Original photos and Text by Debbie Baker Burns.  If referring to any content on this blog, please link back.  Thank you for stopping by.

Sharing Bits and Pieces

If you are new to blogging and you are reticent about sharing photos of yourself on your blog, I have a simple solution.  Just share tiny bits and pieces until you feel more comfortable.


A simple shot of your shoes, your armful of bangles or your eyes can convey volumes about who you are.


Taking tiny steps like this will gradually increases your confidence until you reach the point to where posting an outfit shot will be a decision made rationally…not made or not made because of fear.


Post your beautiful skirt swirling around you or your elegant hands sipping a drink.  This sort of photography begs for you to be creative.


The idea of using tiny actions to progress towards your goals is called Kaizen.  It’s one of the topics I’m learning about this year.


So try a small step.  A simple photo.  The world is waiting to see you.


Live your Lemonade Life,


(Photo details:  Gloves, local shop.  Shoes, Shoe Show.  Socks, Claire’s.  Vintage flower pin, thrifted.  Red top, thrifted.  Skirt, Eddie Bauer. Purse, Burke’s Outlet.)

Link Love:  Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.  Share-in-Style at Mis Papelicos

I Love My Lemonade Life!

Copyright 2015.  All Rights Reserved.  Original photos and Text by Debbie Baker Burns.  If referring to any content on this blog, please link back.  Thanks.  I love link love!)

7 Things to Do When You are Snowbound

Photo from My First Day Out After Snowmageddon 2015:


I’ve just spent the past 13 days at home surrounded by snow.  I chimed along with all the  comments on Facebook, but inside I had a dirty little secret.  I’ve enjoyed being stuck at home!

I’m constantly on the run so I’ve treated this solitude like a mini vacation.  I hope some of these ideas might be fun for you and yours.

  • Have a movie marathon:  We watched all of the Harry Potter movies again.  So nice to not have to wait a year in between the next installment.  Another series I would recommend is The Lord of the Rings.  It takes a few hours but it’s worth it.  If you’d rather catch some old black and whites, I don’t think you can beat Jimmy Stewart in Harvey or You Can’t Take it With You.
  • Get creative in the kitchen.  I mixed up a master baking mix and used it to make a gooey chocolate cake in the Crockpot.  Drag out a cookbook.  Find something that makes you excited and give it a try.
  • Eat snow cream.  Snow + milk + sugar + vanilla = YUM!  You remember this treat from your childhood days.  It’s still good.


  • Sleep.  I caught up on my rest by going to bed when I wanted and getting up when I wanted.  No where to go = no schedule needed!  The couch is your friend when you’re on a snowbound vacation.
  • Start a project.  Eventually, you will want to get up off the couch.  After watching Gala Darling’s Ted Talk, I located my copy of Radical Self Love Boot Camp and started through the course again.  It made me happy to see my pic holding the journal I had decorated for the course mixed in with several others in the collage on the big screen behind her!
  • Spring Clean.  I’ve found the absolute best book on decluttering.  It’s called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.  With all this free time, I’ve whizzed through the first few categories and I am well on my way to a simplified home.  I figure if you clean now while the weather’s sloppy, you’ll be able to fly around shopping, travelling and eating out once the weather gets pretty because you will already be done with all that cleaning stuff!  


  • Read a good book.  I pulled my copy of The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories by Charlotte Perkins Gilman off the shelf and immersed myself in her stories once again.  What’s your favorite?  Maybe you could reread that coming of age novel you loved when you were 13.  Or pick one from your stack of unread books.  Come on…if you’re like me you know you’ve got a stack like that.

Those are my seven.  All right you creative bloggers and readers…what are some of yours?  I need some new ideas for the next snow!


Live Your Lemonade Life,


I Love My Lemonade Life!

(Outfit details:  Gap jeans, thrifted.  Butterfly top, Belks.  Tomato Red cardigan, gift.  Scarf, knitted by my best friend, Thank You, Laronda!  Boots, Jumbo UGGS, made in Melbourne, Australia.)  I am planning a tutorial on Ugg Boots.  I learned a lot researching this.

Link Love:  Share-in-Style.