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Sharing Bits and Pieces: Part Two

What if you love fashion but you’d rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it?


Won’t that be a problem if you want to have a personal style blog?

The answer is…not really.  The first blogger who comes to my mind is Beautifully Invisible.  She doesn’t post as much as she has in the past, but she was one of the first personal style bloggers I followed.  Her guide to moving your blog from Blogspot to a self-hosted WordPress site was invaluable as were her discourses on fashion and beauty.

Somdyuti D. Ray of Stilettosaurus shared an insightful article regarding her choice to blog about fashion without being a personal style blogger.  She said, ” We have so many niche bloggers who are far more interested in speaking fashion than posing in front of the camera.”

If you choose to go this route how do you begin?  First things first.  Figure out your niche.  Here are some ideas to get you started.


  1.  Write about vintage clothing.  There’s a plethora of article ideas in this one category alone:  How to date clothes by their tags, features about past designers and styles, caring for your vintage items, etc.
  2. Cover a certain era, say the bohemian seventies or the mod sixties.
  3.  Examine and post photos of a fashion genre such as rockabilly or kawaii.
  4. Perhaps you could start a street style blog in your hometown and put other fashionable or quirky people in front of your camera.
  5. Provide thought-provoking articles about the current fashion scene complete with photos.
  6. Start a personal style blog but only photograph your outfits from the neck down.  Patti of Not Dead Yet Style began her blog this way.  This will also build up your confidence about being in front of the camera.
  7. Blog anonymously.  Feel free to put your true feelings and images out there.

The important thing is putting your personal spin on the content.  There are innumerable photos of fashion on the web.  What will draw people to your site is your take on things.

The world is waiting to hear your voice.  You don’t even have to show your face.

Live your Lemonade Life,


I Love My Lemonade Life!

When you comment, please feel free to share links to some of your favorite fashion and personal style bloggers who don’t do personal head to toe outfit shots.  Thank you.

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