Bright Floral + Zebra

What are some of your favorite color combinations to wear?  Denim and white?  Pastels with silver?  Cream with tan?  Green with pale pink?  Hot pink and orange?

One of my favorite combinations is brights with graphic black and white.  The contrast of the black and the relief of the white seems to make the brights even bolder.

bright floral with zebra


bright floral plus zebra

bright floral with zebra

What I’m wearing:  Vintage Cotton Sundress, Goodwill.  Pink shrug, Burlington Coat Factory.  Zebra scarf, Rite Aid.  Zebra shoes, Shoe Show.  Felt Flower and Plastic Bead Necklace, Goodwill.

This goes along with the question, “Where Do You Find Your Fashion?”  These pieces came from a second-hand store, a drugstore and two chain stores.

I’ve got two questions for you to think about this week…

  1. What are some new color combinations you could try?
  2. Where are some unusual places that you might find unique clothing items?

Readers, I appreciate and thank you for your thoughtful comments!  That’s one of the things that keeps a blogger blogging!  I have been slow in replying this week, but I will get there!  We’ve had a good, but busy week, here in the Springs.

I wish you a good week and I hope you…keep on living your Lemonade Life!


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7 thoughts on “Bright Floral + Zebra

  1. Patti

    That dress is crazy-good, Debbie and you look wonderful. You’re inspiring me to try some different color combos this week. Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday, xo.

  2. Joni

    Wow, these colors and patterns are so playful. Love it! I love to wear purple and orange together. It’s such a juicy combination. 😉

  3. Jill James

    Can`t beat brights with black and white, such a great dress and shoes. I am finding these days I am enjoying finding clothes I have had for a while and changing the way I wear them.Enjoy your week.

  4. Mrs C

    I can only wish to find some thrift or second hand shops here in Dubai.. so far after 10 years, I have yet to come across one. You have great mix of colors on this outfit and the zebra print actually adds more ‘oomph!’ to it! It’s so hot here that I just couldn’t bring myself out for a photo shoot, so I’ve been without outfit post for a while 🙁 Hope you are enjoying summer so far 🙂


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