Guest Post: Making Lemonade by Bella Q

In moving my blog address, I’ve basically had to start from scratch.  However, there were a few posts that were just too good to scratch such as this guest post from Bella Q. of The Citizen Rosebud.  Enjoy…

Making Lemonade

 “When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is the often cited proverb one says when one is dealing with challenging situations. The zestiest challenge for all of us seems to be figuring out when and how to flourish, whatever the circumstances.

 In an economy that’s bitten the dustbowl, and in a world that seems to be hurling pell mell towards oblivion, we can witness first hand the best and worst of human nature that often triggered by hardships. Let me ask you: are YOU making lemonade?

 Thirsty? Here’s my simple 5-Step recipe for making that proverbial, refreshing and uplifting lemonade. It’s just 5 basic ingredients, with nothing artificial added.

 1 Give Gratitude. Everyday be thankful for one specific thing.

 2 Live to Give. Do something nice without any expectation of a reward.

3 Take Pain to Gain. Do something that adds value to your life. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

 4 Take Action. When there’s a problem, or a need, take action. Do something about it. Nothing gives you a feeling of empowerment like direct and immediate action.

 5 Trade verbal griping, and instead seek solutions. In the parlance of my grandmother: “Complaining doesn’t fix things. Fixing things fixes things.” Troubleshoot. When there’s a problem, don’t discuss it in terms of a complaint, but approach it with an intent to solve the problem. Sometimes we waste a lot of steam just griping about something, when that energy is better and more effectively put good use by seeking out a solution.

I’m not going to promise you a rose garden. But you can definitely improve your own life and those around you by making this brand of lemonade. Perhaps it’s the half-full,half empty conundrum. Same glass, different outlooks. And it makes all the juicy difference in the world.

Life handed him a lemon,As Life sometimes will do.His friends looked on in pity,
Assuming he was through.
They came upon him later,
Reclining in the shade
In calm contentment, drinking
A glass of lemonade


Bella Q is +40 writer, blogger and a fashion fanatic. She has recently taken the pledge to SHOP SECONDHAND FIRST, and you can too. You can find her rabble rousing at:

Keep making lemonade,


One thought on “Guest Post: Making Lemonade by Bella Q

  1. Citizen Rosebud (@citizenrosebudz)

    Debbie! We need to stay in touch- I feel we have so much in common- your “lemonade life” is so the very nature of my own “bloom where you’re planted” motto. Here’s to sweet life, and learning and savoring every flavor that comes our way. Thank you for honoring me with the repost. Seriously, you made me proud to be part of the Lemonade Life nation!


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