It’s Not About Me

“Just back away slowly and no one will get hurt.” 


That seemed to be what my body language was saying as I slowly took a step back from a friend I’d run into as I was getting a cup of coffee at the local convenience store.  It’s not that I’m unfriendly.  It’s just that I was dressed in very short workout shorts that seemed like a good idea for the Y in the town where the only people I know are my lady friends at my water aerobics class.  In the town where I grew up they seemed more than a tad too short.  I was sans makeup and my hair was doing it’s own thing as I’d driven the convertible that morning.

Then I suddenly realized…it’s not about me.  

I asked myself how I would be behaving if I had on a nice outfit, makeup and hair styled.  Then I took a breath, took a step back towards the friend I hadn’t seen in ages and said, “So what are you up to now?”  We chatted back and forth in a friendly and happy matter until we parted ways.

Wow…confidence isn’t exactly about me.  It’s about getting my mind off me to the other.

“Just come forward slowly and no one will get hurt.”  You might be surprised how confident you feel.

Live Your Lemonade Life,


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