Love and Danger

Pink signifies love, romance and friendship.  Red signifies danger, energy and passion.  Put them together and you get a a dangerous friendship, an energizing romance, a passionate love…or maybe just a brilliant color combination.


Red and pink together remind me of Molly Ringwald’s red hair and pink dress in Pretty in Pink.  It’s a cute, fun and girly combination.



One of the easiest ways to get dressed is to go with one of your favorite color combinations.  What are some of yours?

Live Your (Colorful) Lemonade life,


4 thoughts on “Love and Danger

  1. joni

    Great combination and I remember that about Pretty in Pink too. When I first saw that combination I remember thinking that when I was little I thought those colors were wrong together. Like blue and brown, etc…but she made it looks so fresh and eclectic. Hey, like you!
    I love to wear purple and orange together.

  2. Kathy Henderson

    Your outfit looks so fresh and summery. I love pink with anything, but admit have never tried it with red. I also want to thank you for your very sweet response to my last post. If you lived in Idaho, I am sure we would be friends. 🙂


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