Something Beautiful Every Day: Pink

ObjectIt makes me happy that someone would have PINK RIMS!

objectMy grandma’s old porch rocker.  Underneath the pink are layers of shades of green and a red even my mom doesn’t remember.pinkhairMy daughter and I bought pink wigs at Otakon 2015 and had a lot of fun with it!  I felt shy about posting this photo but I ended up deciding to use it because my daughter was excited for both of us to buy wigs and wear them AND she commented on how not many moms my age would be having fun with this and she liked that I would enjoy this with her.

My mom feels young at heart even though she is 86.  I feel young at heart no matter how the years pile on.  The truth is that age doesn’t matter.  It’s how you feel inside that matters.  And those of us who like to have fun  shouldn’t feel shy about showing who we are.  So wear your big hair, pink wigs, vintage clothes or whatever it is that makes you beam inside.

 Be Bold.  Be You.  Be Happy.

Live your Lemonade Life,


P.S.  I could not stop playing with my hair!

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4 thoughts on “Something Beautiful Every Day: Pink

  1. Jill James

    Good on you for wearing and enjoying the pink wig and sharing with your daughter. I like your motto , sometimes it is just to easy to go with the flow and loose sight of who we really are.

    1. Post author

      I agree. I’ve went with the flow way too many times and that can get you lost down stream, quite a ways from who you really are. Thanks for the comment. It’s nice to find like minds. Debbie

  2. Kathy Henderson

    Oh heck Debbie, just dye your hair pink, just for the fun of it. One of my friends from church, a very young 70 plus young person at heart, highlights her hair every few months a different color. Last time it was green, this time purple. I wouldn’t recognize her any other way. Love that you are posting again. And I adore pink.


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