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Watercolor Art, Watercolor Dress



I got into watercolors completely by accident.  I thought I was picking up a pack of acrylic paints and when I got home I realized I had water colors instead.

Sometimes you just need to go with the flow.  I used them as a base for my collage.

Taste, See, Feel Hear, Believe, 18

Whether you think you are creative or not, anyone can rip images out of magazines and copy or create some inspiring words.  Creating is an activity that puts you in the flow, taking you out of yourself and into the moment.

I wore my watercolor dress for Easter Sunday.  I also wore these…


I am thankful for my Aircast, as well as my walker and my wheelchair.  They’ve helped me be mobile and independent as I heal from my broken ankle.

I’m still not driving, so no trip to the beauty shop just yet.  Instead of trying to hide my roots, I decided why not just flaunt them.


I hope you and yours have had a wonderful day.  I wish everyone a beautiful and blessed Easter!


Live your lemonade life,


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