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It’s Not About Me

“Just back away slowly and no one will get hurt.” 


That seemed to be what my body language was saying as I slowly took a step back from a friend I’d run into as I was getting a cup of coffee at the local convenience store.  It’s not that I’m unfriendly.  It’s just that I was dressed in very short workout shorts that seemed like a good idea for the Y in the town where the only people I know are my lady friends at my water aerobics class.  In the town where I grew up they seemed more than a tad too short.  I was sans makeup and my hair was doing it’s own thing as I’d driven the convertible that morning.

Then I suddenly realized…it’s not about me.  

I asked myself how I would be behaving if I had on a nice outfit, makeup and hair styled.  Then I took a breath, took a step back towards the friend I hadn’t seen in ages and said, “So what are you up to now?”  We chatted back and forth in a friendly and happy matter until we parted ways.

Wow…confidence isn’t exactly about me.  It’s about getting my mind off me to the other.

“Just come forward slowly and no one will get hurt.”  You might be surprised how confident you feel.

Live Your Lemonade Life,


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STOP Procrastinating



I’m making peace with the fact that my life is likely to never settle down.  My best friend at church will say on Sunday, “So where are you going this week?”  Between my husband, my kids and my mom, I seem to always be in the car going somewhere.  And if I’m at home, I’m trying to keep up with the cooking, dishes and laundry.

I bet my life is a lot like yours.  Sometimes I wonder where does a creative life fit into all of this? Do you wonder the same thing, too?  It seems like I’m always procrastinating when it comes to creative endeavors.

“If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.” ~ Ecclesiastes 11:4  Living Bible (TLB)

The KIng James Version says it like this, ““He that observeth the wind shall not sow, and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.”

I realize God has a plan for my life and I believe that plan includes writing in some form.  Even during the weeks that the cat has to go to the vet for a teeth cleaning and we have company staying at the house and my extended family is coming for Sunday Dinner.

But in the midst of the chaos, I realize one saving thought.  If I want to have a good life then I need to obey.  In fact, I am free to obey.  All the demands and fun things and crazy things have to be set aside for time for writing…for this creative life to unfold.

I admire all those bloggers and artists and writers who continue creating during family illness, moves and huge life changes.  My hat is off to you.  I want to be like you when I grow up into my adult creative self.

When my kids were little there was never enough time.  I wished for a freeze button that I could push and freeze everyone in time while I cleaned up the house and fully prepared for the next activity.  Then I would unfreeze everyone and we would have fun until I needed that shot of cold air and extra time again.

But there is no freeze button.  So until it’s invented, I plan to stand up and fight procrastination…beginning with this post.  I’m setting myself a small goal of two posts a month. Why two posts?  Because tiny goals are manageable and encouraging and GET YOU GOING!

Live Your Lemonade Life!


Copyright 2015.  All Rights Reserved.  Original photos and Text by Debbie Baker Burns.  If referring to any content on this blog, please link back.  Thank you for stopping by.


Always Remember

I haven’t wandered very far from where I grew up.  Even so, sometimes I forget who I wanted to be when I was 13.  And sometimes I forget to be thankful for all I’ve been blessed with in my life.

I thought of these words to help me remember.


Better minds than mine have said it before and said it better.  It’s just a thought I had today to keep me grounded.  And on the right path.

Who did you want to be?  Are you becoming that person?  Are you on the right path?

Do you remember your roots?  Are you thankful for the good things that’s already come into your life?  Do you honor the memory of those who’ve come before you?

Do I?

Let’s live our Lemonade Lives with authenticity and thankfulness.

Until next time,


What is a Lemonade Life?

I got a courtesy phone call the other day from The Most Pleasant Woman Who Works at GoDaddy.  We were chatting away like old friends while she went about updating my account. When we got to the domain name of “I Love My Lemonade Life” she asked, “So…are you loving your lemonade life?”

I honestly replied, “I’m trying…you know how that goes.”  Then we had a nice laugh.  But our conversation got me to thinking…just what is a lemonade life?  Of course, we all know it’s about making the best of things, but what are some tangible ways we can do that?  I came up with a few.

  • Being thankful for and using well what we have instead of fretting over what we don’t have
  • Being content wherever we are, while also doing our best to make where we are better
  • Saying an encouraging word that builds up instead of a negative word that tears down
  • Being able to look at our life realistically and go from there
  • Being kind and positive with ourselves and letting that lightness radiate out to others

These are things we all try to do.  Some days we nail it and other days we fail, but every morning we get a new chance to live again.  We’re taking those lemons…adding some sugar…and making the best life out of it that we can.

Photo courtesy of The Citizen Rosebud

I like sharing all these hopes and dreams and thoughts with you.  And I love hearing from you.  What are some ways that you strive to live the best life you can in your real world circumstances?  How do you live your lemonade life?

Live your Lemonade Life,


Always Young at Heart

Some people can inspire you just by their presence.  It’s not so much what they do, although they do quite a lot.  It’s more about how who they are comes through in everything they do.

My mom is one of those kinds of people.  She is young at heart and I think that’s why I never feel any older, either.  She just turned 85 a couple of days ago and sure she has some aches and pains that come with aging, but…

…she still loves to go out to restaurants for lunch.  And nothing is up her alley more than a good old all day long shopping trip.  She still drives and you won’t find her sitting around the house if it’s a beautiful sunshiny day out like today.

I’ve learned unconditional love from her.  And how to enjoy life.  One of her favorite sayings is,” You never know what a day may bring.”  And, of course, she’s referring to something good happening because that’s just how her mind works.

I’m thankful to have had a happy childhood and a mother who loved me and showed me that life can be fun.  Lessons like that can carry you through the inevitable bad times you go through in life.

When you’ve grown up being VISIBLE to someone, it makes it easier to remember that you matter.

So this is just a short post to honor my mom.  And to give you a little background about where my positive “I Love My Lemonade Life!” philosophy comes from.  I couldn’t have ended up any other way with a mom like mine.

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma!

When you comment, if you like please share if there is a special person in your life who has given you inspiration!

Live your Lemonade Life,


Guest Post: Making Lemonade by Bella Q

In moving my blog address, I’ve basically had to start from scratch.  However, there were a few posts that were just too good to scratch such as this guest post from Bella Q. of The Citizen Rosebud.  Enjoy…

Making Lemonade

 “When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is the often cited proverb one says when one is dealing with challenging situations. The zestiest challenge for all of us seems to be figuring out when and how to flourish, whatever the circumstances.

 In an economy that’s bitten the dustbowl, and in a world that seems to be hurling pell mell towards oblivion, we can witness first hand the best and worst of human nature that often triggered by hardships. Let me ask you: are YOU making lemonade?

 Thirsty? Here’s my simple 5-Step recipe for making that proverbial, refreshing and uplifting lemonade. It’s just 5 basic ingredients, with nothing artificial added.

 1 Give Gratitude. Everyday be thankful for one specific thing.

 2 Live to Give. Do something nice without any expectation of a reward.

3 Take Pain to Gain. Do something that adds value to your life. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

 4 Take Action. When there’s a problem, or a need, take action. Do something about it. Nothing gives you a feeling of empowerment like direct and immediate action.

 5 Trade verbal griping, and instead seek solutions. In the parlance of my grandmother: “Complaining doesn’t fix things. Fixing things fixes things.” Troubleshoot. When there’s a problem, don’t discuss it in terms of a complaint, but approach it with an intent to solve the problem. Sometimes we waste a lot of steam just griping about something, when that energy is better and more effectively put good use by seeking out a solution.

I’m not going to promise you a rose garden. But you can definitely improve your own life and those around you by making this brand of lemonade. Perhaps it’s the half-full,half empty conundrum. Same glass, different outlooks. And it makes all the juicy difference in the world.

Life handed him a lemon,As Life sometimes will do.His friends looked on in pity,
Assuming he was through.
They came upon him later,
Reclining in the shade
In calm contentment, drinking
A glass of lemonade


Bella Q is +40 writer, blogger and a fashion fanatic. She has recently taken the pledge to SHOP SECONDHAND FIRST, and you can too. You can find her rabble rousing at:  thecitizenrosebud.com

Keep making lemonade,


Endings are Usually Just New Beginnings

“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.” ~ Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland.

O God, What shall I do?

I am at the total end of myself.

Wonderful, dear child!

Now start your new beginning with me. ~ Ruth Harms Calkin.

Sometimes you find a poem or a quote that perfectly sums up how you feel.  This is me, right now.  I’m at the end of myself and my life as I’ve always known it.

It’s a  fresh new Spring and it’s different.  This is the first full year my kids are college age or older.  Becoming independent.  Self-sufficient.  Needing me less.  Figuring out their path and leaving me to figure out mine.

Now that the kids are older, I’ve got time in spades.  I waste it.  I haven’t quite figured out how to harness it and make a pleasant disciplined routine out of it.  Time evades my grasp like trying to catch the wind.

Then another problem arises.  I can’t make up my mind exactly what I want to do.  I start a new blog.  I take it back down…


…and now I’m starting it back up again.

I picked up a paperback at a used bookstore a while back.  I was reading skimming through it today and came upon this:  “The nurturing female, according to Sheehy, defers achievement.  This is the woman “who postpones any strenuous career efforts to marry and start a family.  She intends to pick up on extrafamilial pursuit at a later point.”  But problems arise when she feels it is time to pick up again.  So often, during the early part of this pattern of postponement, there is a diffusion of her identity; as a result, the nurturer has a great deal of inner preparation to do before she can pinpoint outer goals.  She is understandably vague and apprehensive.” (Kalellis, Ph.D., Peter M.  A New Self-Image.  Argus Communications. 1982.  p.125.)

Since I’m presently sitting at home healing up from a broken ankle, I’ve had time to think and to pray about what direction my life should take next.  I’m definitely vague and apprehensive.  But I’m figuring it out.  Step by step.  Piece by piece.

So I’m starting the blog up again.  I’m replacing fear of the future with curiosity over what direction my life could take.  And I’m looking forward to the changes.  Should I open an Etsy shop?  Should I start writing my column for the local paper again?  What other new things am I missing?  I’m enjoying seeing movement in my life again after being stagnate for a while.

I’m wondering.  Have you ever felt stuck?  Have you ever had problems figuring out what you should do next?  If so, how did you get unstuck?

Live your Lemonade Life,


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