Thrifting Tips

I love thrift stores.  The wild variety of one of a kind items.  Knowing there is absolutely nothing in this store that you can’t afford.  It’s the great democracy of shopping.  Everyone has their own way of going about things.  Here’s mine.


Don’t worry about getting there at just the right time.  I know when new merchandise goes on the floor at my favorite thrift store.  But if I have something else going on on Thursday mornings I don’t sweat it.  Even if I show up on Friday there will still be plenty of deals for me to find.  Thrifting shouldn’t be anything to stress over.

Have plenty of cash in small bills.  Not all stores can break big bills.  It would be sad to leave that magenta disco dress just because all you have is a fifty.

Wear slip on shoes.  If you are at a store that has a dressing room, and not all do, then slip on shoes will make trying on so much quicker.

If there is no dressing room, there is no shame in slipping the clothes on over top of what you’re wearing.


Above all enjoy yourself!  Where else can you have this much fun for under ten bucks?


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7 thoughts on “Thrifting Tips

    1. Post author

      I grew up going to yard sales which had just become popular so I’ve always been around thrifting. I hope your next experience is better. Sometimes, I find that a smaller boutique-like Goodwill is less overwhelming to sort through. Let me know how it goes. Debbie

  1. Cait

    I’ve ALWAYS shopped in thrift stores…although in Australia we call them “op-shops” (which I think is short for opportunity shop?! Hehe. Who knows?! We shorten everything). So this is basically the only place I buy things. Most of what I’m wearing now, as I type this, is from an op-shop. lol You can get such good bargains, right?! The worst part is finding something amazing and it doesn’t fit you. Dangit. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

  2. jangrahammcmillen

    Good advice for any wardrobe shopping. I’ll add “wear a skirt and wide-neck pull over top.” Skirt so you can try on things on your bottom half without getting undressed, and wide neck pull over top so you can whip it off and not mess up your hair, or do and undo buttons. Slip-ons … yes to that!
    Wish we had more than very-used clothing stores here. There are lots of second hand stores, but I’ve never seen anything I wanted, except a net and tulle ball gown. I’m still sane enough to leave it on the rack for a young woman who might actually wear it. I do still wear it in some of my fanasies, though … oops. TMI. Sorry!


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