Thrifty Girl Vintage Used to Live Here

My first blog was called Thrifty Girl Vintage.  My first foray into blogging was a joy and I think it shows in how happy I was in my photos.  It was a thrill to find this huge, encouraging community of personal style bloggers of all ages.  I kept my blog going for about a year and hit around 100 followers.  I took my blog down when my life took some unexpected turns.  Still, it was such a positive experience that I couldn’t stay gone forever.

Here are my first photos from Thrifty Girl Vintage.  I was heavier then…and blonder!  But what I like about this community is that whatever you’re size, age, size of your town or nationality…we are all welcome here.

The first photo of myself I shared on my blog was this headshot.


About the time i started my first blog, a 30 for 30 Remix was just about to begin. It sounded like a lot of fun and it would force me to jump in feet first, posting an outfit every day for 30 days. I took the plunge and added my blog’s name to Kendi’s list.  I was excited, but still I wondered…was I going to go through with it?

Day 1 came and I took photos on the porch.  Then I took photos in the yard.  Lastly, I tried photos indoors.  It took three tries, but I finally came up with something I didn’t mind posting online.  Looking back at it, I wonder why I decided to post my backside?!?



I am happy to say that I stayed with the 30 for 30 Remix and posted my outfits for the next 29 days.  It was a challenge, but it was a great way to jump in and get started.  I would advise any new blogger, just to plunge in and go with it.

I’m glad I did.

Live your lemonade life,


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