What is a Lemonade Life?

I got a courtesy phone call the other day from The Most Pleasant Woman Who Works at GoDaddy.  We were chatting away like old friends while she went about updating my account. When we got to the domain name of “I Love My Lemonade Life” she asked, “So…are you loving your lemonade life?”

I honestly replied, “I’m trying…you know how that goes.”  Then we had a nice laugh.  But our conversation got me to thinking…just what is a lemonade life?  Of course, we all know it’s about making the best of things, but what are some tangible ways we can do that?  I came up with a few.

  • Being thankful for and using well what we have instead of fretting over what we don’t have
  • Being content wherever we are, while also doing our best to make where we are better
  • Saying an encouraging word that builds up instead of a negative word that tears down
  • Being able to look at our life realistically and go from there
  • Being kind and positive with ourselves and letting that lightness radiate out to others

These are things we all try to do.  Some days we nail it and other days we fail, but every morning we get a new chance to live again.  We’re taking those lemons…adding some sugar…and making the best life out of it that we can.

Photo courtesy of The Citizen Rosebud

I like sharing all these hopes and dreams and thoughts with you.  And I love hearing from you.  What are some ways that you strive to live the best life you can in your real world circumstances?  How do you live your lemonade life?

Live your Lemonade Life,


2 thoughts on “What is a Lemonade Life?

  1. Neti*

    I am also enjoying a Lemonade Life and I am so thankful for it all. I am content with my ever aging body and I try not to fret about what I woulda, coulda shoulda. Just visiting from The cooking Wardrobe and I like what I’ve read, so I will be back to read more. . .

    1. debbiebakerburns@hotmail.com Post author

      Thank you for visiting. I like how you put that, trying not to fret about what you “woulda, coulda, shoulda.! Debbie


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