Where Do You Find Your Fashion?

I’m wondering if others, like me, find their fashion in unusual places.  Have you picked up a scarf, hat or some other item at a grocery store, health food store or one of those only one dollar stores?


I picked up this scarf at Dollar Tree.  I was in there to pick up party supplies when one thing led to another and I came home with this scarf.  They are also available in red with white stars and white with blue stars.  I figured it was just in time for Memorial Day and it will also be nice for the 4th.  It was a good length for a scarf but I immediately thought sash belt when I saw it.

OOTD collage

The “flag” purse was a one-of-a-kind thrift and the wooden animal necklace and earring set came from Namibia via a missionary friend.

When you comment, let me know where you have found your fashion.  There may be some places I’m missing!

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10 thoughts on “Where Do You Find Your Fashion?

  1. Amy

    Here in Germany I find my fashion at clothing store. When I lived in the state, I would find items at the dollar store and grocery store all the time.

  2. Kathy Henderson

    Debbie, you look so cute in your summer outfit and I love this question. I used to find my fashion at Macy’s extra extra at the end of the season per cent off and outlet stores, but with some tightening of the budget even for that,
    I have been finding most of my fashion at a little consignment store that regularly has a rack of $1.00 items and in the summer I will add yard sales to that. For splurges it was Coldwater Creek, but since they are going out of business, I just might check out chico’s.

    1. debbiebakerburns@hotmail.com Post author

      Thanks for replying, guys! I always think it’s interesting to ask questions like these. You know, if there were a link-up for strangely found fashion, I bet it would get us all very creative!

  3. Citizen Rosebud

    My favorite sweater when I was in high school was purchased at an Alpha Beta grocery store- an awesome Gloria Vanderbilt sweater with stripes in turquoise and magenta. I loved it! You look amazeballs in your red, white and blue ensemble!

  4. Rachel G

    That’s a fun scarf! I think the “strangest” place I’ve found fashion is from other people’s collections. Every once in a while I seem to acquire a new piece from someone–a leather bracelet that was my husband’s, a necklace that was my great-grandma’s, a dress from my sister that didn’t fit her quite right…

  5. jangrahammcmillen

    You look adorably patriotic! Pretty you in your Americana.
    I’m sad to say I’m the Queen of the Big Box stores … I’m sort of out of my eclectic period as we’ve moved away from Seattle where I found most of my stuff in little stores in the University District.
    But since we go through wine glasses and other glass stuff at the restaurant, the Dollar Tree is our version of a restaurant supply … I get better glass there for a fraction of the cost,

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